Graphtec CE-7000, CE-6000-PLUS and CE-LITE Series


CE7000 Series

The Graphtec CE7000 Series is an updated CE6000 machine with several improvements. Introduced on 20200107, the CE7000 includes all of the improvements of the CE6000-PLUS as well as: Variations on these models with extra functionality: Cutting Widths: FAQs:

CE6000-PLUS Series

The Graphtec CE6000 PLUS Series is designed to be an economical fully-featured cutting system. It replaced the CE6000 series on 20170501. The CE6000 PLUS Series is the same as the CE6000 series with the exceptions of an increased gram-force capability on the 40/60 models, updated ARMS5 registration system, increased cutting area, inclusion of Graphtec Pro Studio licenses, a loupe, and an updated motherboard. Features include:
Cutting Widths: FAQs:

CE Series Timeline