Printing and Cutting (When Using Adobe Illustrator)

Step 3: Load the printed material
  1. Pass the material through the machine and move the pinch rollers as shown in the figure.
    • Position the pinch rollers outside the crop marks.
    • Be sure that both edges of the material and the pinch rollers are inside the pinch-roller position-verification marks.

    • Align the three crop marks as shown in the figure. If the material is loaded in the wrong direction, the GX-24 cannot read the crop marks.

  2. Align the left edge of the material so that it lies parallel to the guide line.

  3. Raise the loading lever to secure the material in place.

  4. Turn on the GX-24 power.

  5. Select PIECE.

  6. Press ENTER.

  7. Use the cursor keys to move the material and position the crop marks above the blade protector.
    * If the bottom margin was set to 20 mm, the crop marks are positioned above the blade protector when the loading is complete.