Roland MPX Impact Printers
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The MPX-95 is the 7th generation version of the Roland Impact printer series. It was introduced on 20161102. The MPX-95 incorporates the general-purpose impact printing functions of the MPX-90 with the medical applications of the MPX-90M via the optional Direct Part Marking (DPM) kit, and also extra gifting capabilities via the optional GIFT kit.


MPX Documents:
MPX DPM Kit Product Images:
MPX Gift Kit Product Images:
    MPX-95 Gift Open MPX-95 Gift CVise MPX-95 Gift Print MPX-95 Gift Kit

MPX Series History:
    Model Software Version Introduced EOL
    MPX-95 Metaza Studio/Dr. Engrave 20161102 CURRENT
    MPX-90M Metaza Studio 20120201 20161102
    MPX-90 Metaza Studio/Dr. Engrave 20100201 20161102
    MPX-80 Metaza Studio 200709 201003
    MPX-70 Dr. Metaza 2 200509 200709
    MPX-60 Dr. Metaza 2 200310 200610
    MPX-50 Dr. Metaza 200010 200403