3DTechnics Rhino Jewel Software Page

Rhino Jewel is a set of modules which sits on top of Rhino and allows easy access to routines that create objects for jewelry production. Rhino Jewel made it's debut as version 5.0, as a transition from the original TechGems 4.2 package. Rhino Jewel includes the following features:

  • Auto Pave w/collision detection
  • Eternity Ring Creator
  • Bezel Setting Creator
  • Prong Setting Creator
  • Project Report Tool
  • SolidScape Auto-Positioning
  • Swarovski Stone Library
  • 3D Texture Creator


Instructional AVI Library

Ring Creator by Sections Eternity Ring Chanel Creator Eternity Ring Prong Creator
Bezel Setting Creator Prong Setting Creator Insert Pave and Bead Blocks
Auto Bead Placement Insert Gems into Project Advanced Boolean Operation
3D Textures Pattern Laser Engraving Full Project Report
Positioning Tools Sliced View Extract Curve Contours
Extract Surface Contours Array Pave on Surface Gem Size Report
Select Brilliant Cut Stone Weights Metal Weights
Ring Size Creator Advanced Ring Scale Size Incremental Array Curve
Size Array Adapting to Surface Quadruple Symmetry Massive Sweep
Multiple Scale Chain Creator RhinoJewel Interface