Engraver Fonts Page


Dr. Engrave

For extra fonts for Dr. Engrave it is possible to get true-type fonts from Internet sources which can then be installed on Windows. Dr. Engrave will recognize True-type fonts installed into the appropriate location within the Windows file structure. There are font addition utilities in Windows to enable this.

Note that not all fonts available on the internet and imported into Windows will be good for engraving - some have thin Serif features that aren't replicated well with rotary tools. For this reason, it may be more time-efficient for customers to purchase a commercial engraving package where the fonts have been confirmed as being usable on rotary engravers (see the EngraveLab section below).

For Single-Line Fonts in Dr. Engrave, you can use SFEdit to create single-line fonts from True-Type:

Engrave Studio

In Engrave Studio there are 25 built-in fonts. For extra single-Line EngraveStudio fonts there is a third-party company that has compiled a set of 17 single-line fonts. The company is Digital Designware in Germany.


EngraveLab from CadLink has hundreds of fonts available which have been tested with rotary engravers. It also offers other high-end engraving capabilities.