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JWX-10, MDX-40

MDX-40 ProtoWizard Kit JWX-10

The ProtoWizard is an adapter system from Cutting Edge which aims to give the Roland JWX-10 and MDX-40 the capability to produce wax ring blanks. With the arrival of the JWX-30 with its integrated rotary axis and flip mechanism, and the end-of-lifing of the JWX-10, the ProtoWizard has become largely a legacy tool.

The Protowizard may still be used with the MDX-40 as an economical multi-purpose milling system. The MDX-40 will be current as a Roland model for the forseeable future. However, due to the difficulties some customers have had with the protowizard setup we (3DTechnics) recommend that customers purchase the JWX-30 instead, unless they are particularly mechanically inclined.

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protowizard basic kit machine wizard rotary axis tool sensor replacement table 3-sided combo

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ring setup core tab tool database rough toolpath finish toolpath

od finish toolpath post macro insert customize

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